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Calm your body so your SPIRIT can SHINE!



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  • CLARITY: Memory & Brain Health
  • LIFT: Mood Elevator
  • POWER-UP:Clean Energy On Demand
  • REVIVE: Healing & Total System Performance
  • DEFY: Beauty & Skin Vitality
  • NOURISH: Protein Based Meal Replacement
  • BURN: Metabolic Booster

Original 4 Products for 24-hour Body Support:

  • Wake Well: Memory Support, Energy and Anti-inflammation: Brain & Heart Health: Quercetin 99.5% Bio-available PLUS Acetyl L Carnitine 
  • Revive Well: Same ingredients as in Wake Well just in “chew” form
  • Rest Well: Sleep Support
  • Indulge Well: Pure Dark Chocolate with Turmeric and Flax Seed Super Food Healthy Snack In collaboration with the co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, Jamba Juice and Whole Foods. Our board has put in 100 million dollars of their own money into research and development of our quercetin product. Our products address the 3 main fuels for disease: stress; inflammation and lack of sleep. 
    When you get your body behind your goal setting and desired behavioral shifts for personal excellence, your potential for a fun, creative and confident journey is maximized.

    Our products get your body behind the best version of YOU!

    Our suite of science based, proprietary supplements are created with the highest quality ingredients. Each product is scientifically formulated to support your optimal well being.


What is Quercetin and why should I care?  Check out DARPA research:

“Indicators suggest quercetin may help performance in athletes and may help also improve our cognitive performance, or brain alertness. I strongly encourage you to look into quercetin.”

Dr. Daniel Johnston
Preventive Medicine, Department of Defense, US Military, Comprehensive Soldier Fitness

We have the ONLY 99.5% pure and patented, pharmaceutical grade quercetin available on the market today. Another objective article: 7 Proven Benefits of Quercetin:

Another one of our powerhouse ingredients: Aceytl L Carnitine (a brain nutrient which boosts functionality including focus and mood). The combination of the quercetin and the Aceytl L Carnitine provide that body, heart and brain BOOST. Many clients experience increased mood; sustained focused energy; memory; ability to shake things off; sense of humor boost; weight loss after four weeks or more of consistently taking the product Although we do not claim weight loss, many of my clients are reporting it. Science does suggest that deeper sleep and lower stress can support a more efficient metabolic rate.

What is Aceytl-L-Carnitine and why should I care?

The 4 products, Wake Well; Revive Well (chews); Rest Well; Dark Chocolate were created by Dr. James Rouse (and our team) to get the body behind 5 Practices for Optimal Wellness: Optimism; Gratitude; Nutrition; Movement; Mindful Living.

This is a food, and it is important to take the Wake Well or Chews (1 Wake Well Powder in water is the same as taking 2 chews) the first 1/2 hour upon rising in the morning in order to catch the large cortisol release in the body and support brain and heart health and again in the afternoon when we have another large release of cortisol in our body between 1-3 pm. Personally I enjoy the combination, I take the Wake Well powder in the A.M. and 2 chews between 1-3 pm.

This is not a Red Bull, this is an interior extreme make over which takes some patience, the majority of my clients report increased focus; ability to shake things off; mood boost; and sustainable energy at about 3 weeks of consistently offering their body support to decrease inflammation; stress and balance restorative sleep patterns (of course there are those who get the SHAZAM after a few days).

Below is more information on the biological support I offer my clients for optimal body support addressing  3 main triggers for disease within the body and providing a healthy solution: inflammation, stress and lack of sleep.

“80% of disease is stress related.”

Harvard Medical

Inflammation is the cornerstone of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis – all of the neurodegenerative diseases are really predicated on inflammation.

David Perlmutter, M.D.

Inflammation & stress is the archway through which disease walks through. Wake Well and Revive Well Lower Inflammation and Balance Healthy Cortisol Levels (the stress hormone). Rest Well supports healthy sleep patterns which calm an overactive mind and support your mitochondria…the engines to your cells. The chocolate with turmeric, flax seed and 75% cacoa offers a powerful antioxidant snack. Overall you flip your body into optimal functioning which results in refreshing sleep patterns; mood boost; sustained focus and energy; increased memory and motivation along with an expanded emotional bandwidth to “shake it off.”

As an advanced cancer conqueror I am a fan of the science and specifics which support my body’s optimal wellness.  Knowing that our 24 hour body support offers a healthy solution for 3 main fuels of disease: inflammation; stress and sleep issues is why I am committed daily to include The Daily Well Pack into my self care systems for optimal wellness. Currently we have a 95% efficacy rate.

=> CLICK HERE  ( and give the Wake Well/Revive Well/Rest Well AND NOW CHOCOLATE (The Daily Well Pack) a 30 Day Trial…100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee…we currently have a 90% efficacy rate…if you need sleep support trial the Rest Well. Explore as a Preferred Customer and get free shipping, a discount and Refer 3 Get Yours Free.

24 Hour Body Support: Morning (Wake Well) =>Afternoon Boost (Revive Well) Plus Antioxidant Chocolate => Evening: Rest Well = SHAZAM

Watch/Listen to a Quercetin Webinar with our Scientist: Dr. Mark Davis Click Here => 

Click Here to Explore Getting Your Wellness On :

Personal Testimonies:

“I used to take Ambien every night probably for about a year and a half to help me fall asleep. However there would be nights that I would wake up in the middle of the night go straight to the fridge and start eating ice cream or cereal. Which sounds yummy, however I wasn’t aware that I was waking up getting out of bed let alone eating in my sleep. Not only was I gaining weight but I was unaware of this sleep eating ritual that I was doing frequently. So I thought to myself if I happen to be out of ice cream or cereal would I get into a car and potentially hurt someone else or myself and decided to stop taking Ambien which led to many nights of zero sleep. As I started taking the Well & Company products Wake Well, Revive Well and especially the Rest Well my nights have been very restful, peaceful and no more sleep eating. It took a good three weeks before I really noticed a consistent change with restful nights sleep.” – Julie G.


“I can directly say that taking both Wake Well & the chews has significantly benefited my injured brain! After a car accident gave me the equivalent of 6 concussions, doctors were amazed that I was able to function as well as I did. I had symptoms but I could function. With all the damage my brain sustained, it was pretty miraculous. I was put into “low stimulus” (no work, no anything) environment for over a year! I credit starting Well & Co 3 weeks prior! It helped keep the swelling down as low as it possible could, and even through I’m healing that brain injury: on the days I miss Wake Well my brain is in such a fog state I can barely think and my body can’t move. I just zone out! And with the whacked out fight or flight (Adrenal) state my brain went into after the injury, I needed all the help moving cortisol out that I could get. Combined with my faith in God, a personal recovery program and a lot of positive work, Wake Well has been key to me getting my life back.
Theresa Byrne
4th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Master
TBI survivor



“I tried the chews, and if I’m being honest, I couldn’t imagine how it would reduce  inflammation, or having any serious positive effect. Though its hard to articulate, within a few weeks I was experiencing unusual awakenings in my brain. I took them for one month and then got off of them, just so I could tell whether or not they were really working. Not only did I see a significant reversal of my mental clarity, but I also felt one of my internal organs (which I’d been experience issues with) begin to swell in my abdomen again. I hadn’t even realized that the chews helped reduce the swelling. I re-ordered a 3 month supply and will continue to take them for both of these reasons. For me, these chews are an excellent source for maintaining focus and reducing abdominal swelling.”

-Kellie Frazier, Author, Speaker, Coach


“My truth about sleep & Wake Well:
I enjoyed Wake Well for two days, i did not even think to try the Rest Well, until the third day-because I was Sleeping! I was falling asleep easily, and sleeping through the night! This was astonishing for me because I have always had insomnia. Even in high school my step mother would buy me over the counter sleeping medication, because I could never sleep. So to be able to fall asleep because with Wake Well I was expending my energy throughout the day is remarkable! I did try the Rest Well on the third evening, and slept even better. Wake Well & Rest Well are now part of my daily routine.”
– Christina Himes-Aldridge


Please call Evan (customer support) with any questions: 877-862-8387 (M-F, 9-5 pm PST), we are dedicated to playing a part in the optimal wellness solution; to serve the highest version of YOU in this self-care revolution: Self Care is the New Health Care.


We are currently offering a 30 Day trial: If you do not feel that body “YES THIS IS FOR ME!” after committing daily to take it as directed, you can return 24-hour BODY SUPPORT for optimal wellness for a full refund. We are also offering 90 Day Wellness Support Option with Your Order, no additional cost to you, with video support from Dr. James if you feel that would be of value on your wellness journey: Abundant Energy; Positive Mood; Rejuvenating Sleep. Our greatest joy comes in the measure through which we serve.


arianna endorsement

WakeWell_ReviveWell_150x200( 75% Pure Cacao; Turmeric; Flax Seed Oil)






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